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How to Season a Cast-Iron Pan for Non-Stick Cooking

At least once or twice yearly I get all of my cookware down, provide an intense clean and full re-seasoning. Due to the fact I just use stainless metallic and cast iron within my cooking area, I have learnt the tough way that if I usually do not period pans properly and regularly I pay for the cost when having to scrape out burned chicken eggs or skillet jam. Continue reading

How to Make Chili Thick Fast

I understand there are significant debates out there as to if chili ought to be made with or without beans rather, I am trying to keep away from that may of worms – or should that be beans – and then in this tutorial I will be centering regarding how to thicken a chili quickly and easily utilizing canned refried beans and a few other quick methods, including tortilla chips. Continue reading

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